Kamm Teapot Collection

Racine Museum of Art

University College Dublin

National Museum of Ireland

Sculpture in the Parklands

The Bresler Collection

Dublin Assay Office

Celestial Seasons Tea

Permanent Collection

High Museum of Art, Atlanta, USA
Sculpture in the Wild, Montana, USA
Racine Museum of Art, Wisconsin, USA
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
National Museum of Ireland
The Ulster Museum, Belfast

Espace Paul Ricard, Paris, France
Kamm Teapot Foundation, US
The Company of Goldsmiths of Dublin, Ireland
Celestrial Seasonings Teapot Collection, USA
Sculpture in the Parklands, Ireland
University College Dublin, Ireland
Governor's Palace, Liege, Beligium
President Nelson Mandela, South Africia
King Carl Gustas, Sweden
King Juan Carlos, Spain
President Bill Clinton, USA
President Mitterrand, France
The Imperial Family, Japan
Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland
Irish Embassy, Japan
Jean Kennedy-Smith, USA
The Edge (U2), Ireland
Dublin Airport Authority, Ireland
European Coordination of Film Festivals, Belgium
Business to Arts, Ireland
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Norway
AIB Ireland
University of Georgia, Columbus, USA
Papal Nunico, Ireland
Swiss Embassy, Paris, France
Stolichany Bank, Moscow, Russia
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland