Interior of die formed Jewel box 

Die Formed, hinged and engraved sterling silver jewel box

Die Forming and Fabrication

Introduction workshop to the endless possibilities of creating hollowware forms using a hydraulic die press. This workshop is ideal for metalsmiths who want to make production or limited edition jewellery and hollowware. Die forming expands the possibilities of what one can make and opens up new avenues of exploration. Die forming presents a number of advantages over traditional metalsmith techniques when working with patterned materials as the metal can be formed without damaging the surface.

This die forming and fabrication workshop will look at matrix, embossing and conforming dies and how they can be used in your metalsmithing studio. Students will design and make a matrix die and create a hollowware form using the hydraulic die press. The components will be used in the fabrication of a piece of jewellery or silverware. This workshop is ideal for metalsmithing and jewelry making classes.

Master silversmith Kevin O'Dwyer will work with students from initial concept to a finished piece. A combination of skill and technique based demonstrations with one to one tutoring and problem solving will take place throughout the workshop.