Olive Oil Dispenser

​Sterling silver

Coffee Pot with Rosewood handle

Hidden Hinge mechanism

Teapots and Vessels

This "hands-on" workshop will focus on the design and creation of your own unique teapot or pouring vessel during a one or two week workshop with master silversmith Kevin O'Dwyer. The class will explore the design, fabrication and construction techniques used to create a teapot or vessel with particular emphasis on the basic teapot/vessel components: a hollow formed body, a fitted lid, functional pouring spout, handle and feet.

A variety of hollowware techniques will be examined and can be used to create your teapot including raising, die forming, score and fold forming, forging, hinging, synclastic and anticlastic raising during this metalsmithing masterclass. Design and construction considerations such as form, function, structure, surface development and finishing techniques will be discussed throughout the workshop. Whether your concept is functional, sculptural, a combination of both or a jewellery related hollow form this workshop will expand your knowledge and technical expertise. Insightful tips on soldering, surface preparation, fitting, filing, forging and forming will help save time and materials.

Master silversmith Kevin O'Dwyer will work with students from the initial concept to a finished piece. A combination of skill and technique based demonstrations with one to one tutoring and problem solving with take place throughout the workshop. O'Dwyer will demonstrate both traditional and contemporary metalsmithing techniques as well as some "seat of the pants" variations!