These containers and vessels definitely hold their place in the world of stunning art objects as well as in the world of metalsmithing

Vessel - Holding Place

​curator : Beth Wicker

O'Dwyers silverware, teapots and candelsticks are truly dramatic in design. Each beautiful handcrafted piece defies convention. Indeed, their ambiguity blurs the boundaries between function, fashion and pure sculpture

Artizana Gallery

Ramez Ghazoul 


The Ultimate in Sterling

Architectural Digest

The future of silver is in the hands of modern craftsmen such as Kevin O'Dwyer who uses the wealth of past experience to forge ahead with new ideas.

The Ulster Museum

Elise Taylor

Curator of Silver

Much Like himself, O'Dwyer's work is an unconventional mix of tradition and innovation. Dramatic and elegant in its form, the work engages the viewer to look beyond the main object to the space that surrounds. It whirls in a frozen dervish dance that embraces the air and makes the negative form part of the piece.

A Sparkling Party

Michelle Bufano

​Executive Director of Chihuly Garden and Glass

O'Dwyer integrates the traditional metalwork of his ancestors with a modernist aesthetic, and achieves a remarkable crossover between the ancient and the comtemporary.

Metal In and Out of Time

Society of North American Goldsmiths

​John Grande

When it comes to crafting silver, this Irishman could be considered something of an alchemist given his power to convert this unyielding material into timeless objects of pleasure and purpose.

An Argent Lover

Objets De Lux Silverware

Aashmita Nayar